The « PCRA Recommendations » of CEFRACOR about the cathodic protection of buried structures can be downloaded for free (in French and English):

Recommandation PCRA 001 :
Recommendations for interference measurements on cathodically protected buried pipes. Charter of collaboration for collaborative measurements

Recommandation PCRA 002 :
Recommendations for validation of coating repairs on buried pipes.

Recommandation PCRA 003 :
Recommendations for checking, using electrical methods, of the defects on organic coatings applied to steel in factory and on site

Recommandation PCRA 004 :
Recommendations for the compatibility of earthing and cathodic protection

Recommandation PCRA 005 :
Recommendations for the verification of reference electrodes

Recommandation PCRA 006 :
Recommendations for the symbols to represent cathodic protection devices

Recommandation PCRA 007 :
Assessment of the effect of mechanical protection of buried pipelines on cathodic protection

Recommandation PCRA 008 :
Recommendations for the definition of measurement devices used in cathodic protection

Recommandation PCRA 009 :
Telemetry systems for cathodic protection equipment for buried metal pipelines

Recommandation PCRA 010 :
Protection contre la corrosion des canalisations aux passages en fourreaux – Prévention et contrôle